Covid hospitalizations rise again in Southeast Michigan, with 1,272 patients

November 10, 2021, 4:54 PM by  Alan Stamm

Covid patients add to a space squeeze again at some hospitals in Metro Detroit and around the state, 20 months after the first pandemic admissions.

In six Southeast Michigan counties, 1,237 adults and 35 children are hospitalized with confirmed or suspected coronavirus infections as of Wednesday, state figures show. Among the adults, 260 are in intensive care.

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Detroit Receiving Hospital and 99-bed Beaumont Wayne had no available in-patient beds Monday, though not solely because of Covid. 

Four other local hospitals -- Ascension St. John in Detroit, Beaumont Troy, Henry Ford Macomb and McLaren Macomb -- exceeded 90% capacity at the start of this week.

Statewide, hospital occupancy rates average nearly 85% currently. Those admitted for treatment include 2,728 adults with Covid diagnoses or symptoms and 59 pediatric patients in that category. That's the highest daily adult hospitalization count since May 5, according to The Detroit News, and nearly the same level as last Nov. 10.

Here's a local breakdown of current Covid patients, using state-defined hospital regions:

  • Macomb, Oakland, St. Clair: 603 adults and 11 children; 122 in ICUs

  • Wayne, Monroe, Washtenaw: 634 adults and 24 children; 138 in ICUs 

The number of hospitalized adults in both regions is lower than last December, but pediatric cases are up from five in Macomb, Oakland and St. Clair, and from 13 in the other region.

Figures are from Department of Health and Human Resources data posted here.

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